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TYPO3 extensions

TYPO3 extensions (also may be called TYPO3 modules) are building blocks of the Content management system. TYPO3 extension are used to add new functionality to the CMS. We provide TYPO3 developers and designers at low cost. The extensions are external modules which can be installed and removed from the CMS. We provide TYPO3 administration, installation and configuration services. Thousands of free TYPO3 extensions are available for download form the TYPO3 portal ( New Typo3 extensions can also be create to add custom functionality to the CMS. Contact us for custom built TYPO3 extensions, plugins or modules. Various web application are build using TYPO3 as the platform and creating custom TYPO3 extension modules.

New TYPO3 custom extension development

We develop TYPO3 extensions, plugins and modules are per need of project. We create TYPO3 backend modules, frontend plugins and also modification, bug fixing or enhance of other TYPO3 extensions. For free quote and discussion contact us. Hire TYPO3 developers on hourly or monthly or fixed project cost basis.

SEO-Url-Meta Tags

  • Meta tags
  • Keyword analysis
  • Dublin Core Metadata
  • Open Graph social tags
  • Page rank improvement service
  • Microformats
  • Mobile first
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages / AMP HTML

News & Blogs

  • News sliders, numeric range sliders
  • Search engine friendly News Urls
  • Adding extra fields to news
  • News and Image gallery combinations
  • External Blog display inside TYPO3 site
  • Modify News extension 
  • Ads web application 
  • car/product listing searching application


  • Stock photo application
  • Holiday home application
  • tt_products shop
  • tt_products coupon system
  • Aimeos shop setup
  • Aimeos + CRM integration
  • Payment gateways
  • Wine bottle level generators

Recent TYPO3 CMS extensions built

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  • Free TYPO3 Extension
  • AngualarJS, Bootstrap

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  • Create multiple assessment forms
  • Employee performance comparison
  • Auto survey periodically and generate graphical report

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  • Aimeos integration with external CRM
  • Customized job setup for product import
  • Aimeos code debug and improvement
  • Webshop setup and layout design
  • Payment...

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  • Listing, Editing, Bootstrap tabs
  • Instant search, full search
  • inline Messaging to support admin
  • Activity stream, search stream
  • Frontend image upload with...



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